St Croix Tidemaster Spinning Fishing Rod Review

St Croix Tidemaster Spinning Fishing Rod Review

Inshore fishing is a great way of enjoying fishing without going too far from home. With the St Croix Tidemaster spinning fishing rod, you have a rod that is made from high quality materials and will not cost you a fortune. The rod is light in weight but also strong due to the composite materials that it is made from. It is ideal for fishing for trout, stripers and redfish. The strength of the rod balances well with the sensitivity.

What to consider before buying fishing rods?

When choosing a fishing rod, there are certain aspects that you should bear in mind. Every angler has the kind of fishing rid that really fits in well with his physique and style, and you have to figure out yours. In order to do so, you must consider the following:

The construction of the rod

You have to think of the construction of the rod. People prefer those that are transported in sections so you can move well within bushy or wooded fishing grounds. Again, you may have to shorten the rod by removing some of the sections if the bush is dense, otherwise your rod will keep on snagging on branches and leaves.

The weight of the rod

You need to consider how heavy the rod will be. To do so you have to find out the kind of fish you will be catching. If you want to catch big fish, then you should use a heavy rod, but if you want to catch smaller fish, then a light rod would be best. You also have to consider the strength that you have for your fishing purposes. If you take a heavy rod and have to hold it for the whole day, then you will get aches to your hands and wrists.

The length of the rod

Basically shorter rods are considered best for catching bigger fish since they are less flexible than the longer ones. The longer ones are for catching smaller fish. You have to decide on the length. The length will also depend on the environment where you do your fishing.

The power and strength of the rod

Power is considered at how much force a rod will take without snapping into pieces. If you take an inshore rod to the sea, then you snag a Merlin, chances are that it will break within minutes. You need to think of the materials that you want for the rod, and compare it to the strength of the fish that you will be targeting.

Presenting the St Croix Tidemaster spinning fishing rod

St Croix Tidemaster

This is a great fishing rod, even if it is considered to be a bit pricey. It is constructed out of SCII graphite and has aluminum guides which are wrapped in sturdy steel frames. The handle is slit and is made of cork; it has comfortable grooves which are great for gripping. The rod is balanced and light in weight. It is not constructed in sections and is a one-piece rod. This means that it has more strength to deal with larger fish, despite its lightweight nature.

Things We Liked

  • It is quite strong since it is a one-piece fishing rod
  • It is light in weight
  • It has excellent gripping due to the groves in the spilt cork handle

Things We Didn't Like

  • It is expensive

Key features of the St Croix Tidemaster spinning fishing rod

Rod for Inshore fishing

This is a rod that is specially designed for inshore fishing. This is fishing in the bay, where the waters are shallow, with depths ranging from 1 to 20 feet. Despite being designed for inshore fishing, many people push its limits by taking it for surf fishing and also on boats out in the sea water. The rod is balanced and light and is quite sensitive so you can catch smaller fish with it.

What other users say about the St Croix Tidemaster spinning fishing rod

Looking through the Internet I came across several different opinions from anglers who had used this fishing rod. Here is a sampling of what they had to say.

One user says that he had tried a number of inshore rods for a long while but when he got the St Croix, he was immediately amazed by it, and it is still his favorite rod. He says that it may be expensive and have a shorter warranty period, but the instant gratification he got for it was worth it.

Another says that he is a fan of cork grip rods and he is happy with the Tidemaster. He says that the rod is light enough for him to cast the whole day, and yet strong enough for him to land some pretty amazing fish. He says the quality of the rod justifies the price.

Another user says that he paired the rod with a 4,000 size reel which had a 20 pound reel and it worked quite well. He says that it is strong despite its light weight. This is perhaps because of the composite materials used in its construction.

The length of the rod is excellent and it has great flex near the tip, making casting very easy and effective.

Alternatives to the St Croix Tidemaster spinning fishing rod

The Mitchell 300 Pro

Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Combo Rod and Reel

This is a fishing rod that was first introduced in 1948, and was give to recreational agers. There have been more than 40 million sold over the years. It has been redesigned and has a polymeric material, and a huge spool. This rod can take very heavy lines and reels at a rate of 33 inches a turn. This is a great reel for deep water fishing. It has a rugged design which can take a lot of punishment. The rod is also used for inshore and freshwater fishing, and it has a powerful drag, making it easy to land the fish, no matter where you do the fishing. This is an overall great rod for those who are serious about fishing.

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket

This is another powerful rod that will reel in a line at a rate of 37 inches a turn. The rod is ideal for tournament fishing as well a recreational fishing. However, tournament fishers love this rod because of the sped at which it reels in the fish. They say that it gives them the extra edge over their competitors. Apart from its spinning rate, it has a great design and is not as heavy as one would expect for such a powerful rod.

Daiwa Tatula 100H

Daiwa Tatula 100H

This is a low profile fishing rod, which most people feel has been underpriced. It is a great bait caster and comes with dual controls, which help in changing settings depending on the wind conditions. The solid aluminum frame and side plating are great additions to the reel. It is great for people who have large hands. This is a fishing reel that is designed for abuse. It has anodized aluminum, and is pretty strong in its construction. When you are going for large fish, this should be the rod of choice.

In conclusion

The St Croix Tidemaster spinning fishing rod is a great rod for inshore fishing. Its length and flex are commendable, making it great for this type fishing. The only downside of this rod is the price, which people may fin prohibitive. On the other hand, when you compare the price and the performance, then you know that you have bought the real value and not been overcharged. When you want to get stronger and less-costly rods, you can try some of the alternatives that have been listed above. They are quite powerful, designed for inshore fishing, and will not cost as much as the St Croix Tidemaster spinning fishing rod.