Shimano Sienna Review

Shimano Sienna Review: An Affordable Performer

When it comes to fishing, the most expensive gear is not necessarily the best. Shimano Sienna, a low to mid level price fishing reel, performs just as good as those that cost twice its price. Fishing enthusiasts always talk of the price of their gear, but should they consider the Shimano Sienna? Check out this Shimano Sienna Review and see what makes it a formidable fishing reel.

What to consider before buying fishing reels

There are certain factors that you should consider when buying your fishing reels, and here are some of the most crucial:

  • Reel Body – Also known as the housing, they are made from aluminum or graphite or an amalgam of both. Graphite is less strong than aluminum, but is has more flex, and is lighter. You have to weigh the strength-to-weight factor when thinking of the reel body.
  • Reel size – this is in direct correlation with the length of the line that you want to use. A light line should have a smaller reel. The ten-pound test line is the highest diameter and strength used for reels.
  • Reel gear ratio – this refers to the number of times that the bail wraps the line around the spool when you turn the handle. A 4:1 gear ration implies that the bail goes around the spool 4 times, for every turn of the handle.
  • Ball bearings – This has a direct effect on the smooth operation of the reel; a reel with more ball bearings will be smoother than one with fewer. Some have bushings instead of bearings; the bearings perform better than the bushings.
  • Anti-reverse handles – this is absolutely necessary, so the handle does not spin backwards and loosen the hook from the fish.

Presenting the Shimano Sienna Fishing Reel

The Shimano Sienna Fd Spinning Reel

Shimano Sienna is a low-priced reel, when compared to others from the same company. The Shimano CI4 and the Stradic FJ are more expensive, due to their higher strength and line-casting capability. However, the Sienna also comes close to the expensive varieties, thereby making it great for those starting out in fishing.

Things We Liked

  • High performance and low price – the reel is very affordable and has the performance of those that are much more expensive
  • Versatility – this is a reel approved for use in freshwater and inshore fishing. It works well with Mono, Fluorocarbon and PowerPro lines.
  • Easy to clean – this is one of the main advantages of this fishing reel

Things We Didn't Like

  • Poor factory greasing – most users have had to clean off the factory grease and use their own products
  • Must be cleaned after saltwater use – when you fish in saltwater, you must clean the reel.

Key Features of the Shimano Sienna fishing reel

The Shimano Sienna fishing reels comes in two drag models; the Front Drag and Rear Drag models. Here are some of the key features of the Shimano Sienna fishing reel:

Power Roller

This is the key features for the Front Drag Model. Spinning reels have always had a serious problem when it came to twisting the line. The power roller counteracts this effect, through its grooved design, which keeps the line tightly wound on the spool; there is no chance for twists and loops to form.

Varispeed Oscillation

This is the key feature in the Real Drag model. This is basically an oval oscillation gear which gives a steady spool speed that gives an even line lay. This means that there is better line management, and better casting of the line.

Constant Quality

There is actually no difference in the performance of the Shimano Sienna Front Drag and Rear Drag models. This means that no matter which model you prefer, you will have the same performance and this is a very key feature.

Durable construction

The Shimano Sienna is made of aluminum and graphite making it lightweight, strong and can resists rusting. This means that you can use the reel for many years without having to replace it.

Smooth action

One of the admirable features of the Shimano Sienna fishing reel is that it has very smooth operation. You can almost hear no noise at all when you are casting the line and reeling in the catch.

Suited for all kinds of fishing

The construction of the Shimano Sienna fishing reel allows it to be used in saltwater and freshwater conditions. This is why it is ideal for people who travel a lot and love fishing when they are on their travels.

Gives a wide range of choices

When you look at the Front Drag and Rear Drag models, you have a wide range of choices to make, unlike many other fishing models. The Front Drag has a smoother operation when compared to the Read Drag, and is quite popular. The Rear Drag, on the other hand, is easier to adjust when you have caught a fish. Many fishing enthusiasts say that among low-end reels, the rear Drag is usually the best. So depending on what you need, the Shimano Sienna will give you a wide range of choices.

Uses a wide range of lines

This is a reel that is rated for Mono, Fluorocarbon and Power Pro lines. What is the difference between these lines?

Monofilament Lines

Fluorocarbon Lines

PowerPro Lines

What other users say about the Shimano Sienna fishing reel

After going through the Internet, certain customer reviews shed light on the positive and negative aspects of Shimano Sienna reels. Here is a sampling of some of them:

One customer says that after fishing for many years and using several different lines, he has come to find the Shimano Sienna as being superior because it has a great drag and retrieve feature. The drag is smooth and the retrieve is quite fast compared to other models. He says that the reel lasts longest when compared to other models.

Another customer praises the Shimano Sienna for being ultra light and maintaining strength. He says that a light spinner is great for saltwater fishing and this reel gives him the best experience ever.

Alternatives to the Shimano Sienna fishing reel

Okuma Cedros

Okuma Cedros

The Okuma Cedros is ideal for saltwater fishing due to its high speed spin rate. It has an Elliptical Oscillation System as opposed to the Varispeed Oscillation of the Shimano Sienna. Okuma says that this is the heart and soul of the high-end spinning reels. The gears have an elliptical shape which allows for wonderful laying of the line, a great smooth spool stroke, and it stops the spool from jumping.When it comes to price, the Okuma Cedros relatively more expensive than the Shimano Sienna, but given that it is a high-end spinning reel, the price is justified.

Kastking Sharky II

Kastking Sharky II

This is another low-cost spinning reel that gives the Shimano Sienna a run for its money. It comes with a patented drag system, which is unique to the brand. The drag system offers the most resistance ever seen. The maximum drag is 41.5 pounds. It comes in a wide range of sizes, making it ideal for a many wranglers. It is water proof for up to 3 minutes so you can take a spill without worrying that it will be damaged. The Precision machined aluminum spool makes this reel 10% lighter, but also stronger. The main shaft is made from stainless steel making it have more precision.

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder

This is one of the most popular reels among beginners and people who want a high-performance reel that will not cost too much. The price is low, and comparable to the Shimano Sienna. One of the main features is the baitfeeding system. This allows you to adjust the second rear drag, resulting in changes to the spool, hence increasing or decreasing the tension felt by the fish. One can easily change from baitfeeding to main drag, using the lever found at the back of the reel.

In conclusion

When you are looking for a low-priced fishing reel, then the Shimano Sienna is ideal, due to its lightweight and non-rust construction. I hope this Shimano Sienna review was able to reveal that. This is a reel that is designed for beginners, and is easy to break apart so it can be cleaned.

The fact that it is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing allows the wrangler to fish without worrying about the effects of the water on the reel. Most people feel that the factory should have chosen a better lubricant, an end up using their custom greases. Shimano Sienna is a durable reel and can take a lot of punishment, another feature that endears it to novice fishermen.