Penn Battle 2 Review

Penn Battle 2 Review: Heavy Duty

Spinning reels have become popular among contemporary anglers. Traditional anglers preferred the conventional reels, but the spinning reels have almost rendered them obsolete. The Penn Battle II is a reel that has got a lot of potential, although many fishermen say that it is too heavy.

The build and balance of this reel is exceptional and the materials used are of high quality; perhaps this is the reason why it is slightly costly than what the novice wrangler can afford. Read this Penn Battle 2 Review for further info.

What to consider before buying fishing reels

Spinning reels are the best when it comes to ease-of-use, light-line applications and finesse techniques. However, for most novice anglers, and indeed, some experienced ones, choosing the perfect reel can be quite challenging. Here are some of the considerations that you should make when you are faced with making your best choice of reel.

Reel Body

This is what is called the housing, and is constructed out of graphite or aluminum. There are times that a composite of both may be used. Now, when you need a strong reel body, your best choice would be an aluminum one. This metal is strong and light and hence will give you a strong, lightweight reel. However, if you want one which is flexible and completely resistant to corrosion, then you should choose a graphite reel body. The problem with graphite bodies is that they are not strong and will break or crack easily.

Reel weight

Many fishermen do not consider this as a serious feature to direct their choice. If you have to spend the whole day fishing, you need a lightweight reel which will reduce the strain in your wrist, hand and forearm. You should be careful that you choose a reel with a weight which will not lead to fatigue and joint stress. When choosing you new reel, you need to check on the ounces and make sure that you can handle the weight for extended periods.

Reel size

The size of the fishing line that you want to use will determine the reel size that you should use. For light lines, you should get a small reel, and the converse is true for heavy lines. The heaviest line that you should use is a ten-pound line.

Drag system

Basically there are two types of drag systems. The drag system is the one which helps the angler in fighting and reeling in the fish, without it swimming off with the line. The first is the front drag system, which gibes better performance than the second drag system – the rear drag system. The names refer to where the drag system is placed with respect to the spool.

Presenting the Penn Battle II Fishing Reel

Penn Battle II

The Penn Battle II is the younger and fresher version of the Penn Battle spinning reel. As with all upgrades, the Penn Battle II comes with a number of advanced features that the predecessor did not have. When you look at the price, the reel is not too expensive, but yet not so low cost. This is the thin line that crosses competitors such as the expensive Abu Garcia Revo and the low cost Okuma Avenger.

Things We Liked

  • It comes at a mid-level price
  • It has a study build ideal for angling large fish
  • It comes ready to be used with braided lines
  • It has an excellent smooth drag
  • The anti-reverse is exceptional

Things We Didn't Like

  • It has a rough retrieve
  • It is noisy
  • The mechanism tends to feel loose after some time
  • The wind forms knots
  • It is very heavy

Key Features of the Penn Battle II fishing reel

Improved corrosion resistance

The original Penn Battle reel had a good resistance to corrosion. The Penn Battle II comes with an improved paint formulations. These have been tested against the chemicals and sprays that used to ruin the original version. The most reported problem with the original Penn battle has been adequately addressed in the Battle II

5 Sealed Ball Bearings

This is the minimum number of ball bearings that a reel should have in order to have a smooth action. The original version also had the same number of ball bearings, but they were shielded. In the Penn battle II, the bearings are made of sealed stainless steel. This means that the reel can be used in saltwater conditions without water getting to the ball bearings and causing corrosion.

Increased Drag Pressure

The Penn Battle II uses the same drag system as the original version. However, by using the trademark HT-100 drag washers, they have increased the pressure of the drag in this case. The washers allow for the use of both their surfaces in producing the drag pressure. There was a 20% increase in usable drag pressure.

Line Capacity Rings

Today, many spinning reel manufacturers are taking up this new technology. The lone capacity rings help the angler in knowing how much line is gone and how much is left. This is very important when you are fishing stab dead stop, or fighting with a very large fish.

What other users say about the Penn Battle II fishing reel

The Penn Battle II is praised for having serious improvements on its predecessor and looking at Penn Batlle 2 review all over the Internet, you will agree that the reel is better.

One user says that he was impressed when he stripped down the reel and found that it was made of non-corrosive metal, and there were very few plastic components. The locomotive gearing is simple, but well-constructed. However, the reel did not have three washers that lie under the side plate screws and this made it harder to turn the handle. It required the user to loosen the screws a little bit for normal motion to be restored.

Another user has mixed feelings about the Penn Battle II. He says that the handling and operation of the reel was great at first, but it later deteriorated, no matter how well he maintained it.

An enthusiastic user has glowing comments about the Penn Battle II. He says that it is the best reel that he has ever used, and it helped him catch a 46-inch Redfish, which weighed in at 38 pounds. He feels that the reel helped him subdue the fish due to the increased drag.

One frugal user is happy that he can get the Penn Battle II without breaking his bank balance. This is truly an interesting observation. He loves the reel, and did not have to pay much for it. He uses the reel for Spanish and Kin Mackerel. He says the casting of the reel is superb.

Alternatives to the Penn Battle II fishing reel

Kastking Sharky II

A low cost spinning reel, which comes with its own patented drag system. With a maximum drag of 41.5 pounds, it is the most powerful drag system ever. The manufacturer has designed a high number of models so every angler will have something to choose. One of the most notable features of this reel, apart from its drag system, is the ability to stay under water for at least three minutes without risking water entering the reel interior. The aluminum spool is precision machined in order to make it stronger and also make the reel lighter. Stainless steel has been used to manufacture the main shaft and this has increased its precision.

Pflueger Supreme XT

Pflueger Supreme XT

Quality materials have been used in the manufacture of this reel and it is quite mind-boggling that it is priced so low. Magnesium is used to make the body, side plate, and rotor; this helps in keeping the weight down. Carbon fiber has been used to make the handle, which makes it strong and light for easy cranking. The popular EVA foam knobs have been used and this brings the weight down even further. Due to the strength of the reel, and the low weight, the reel is fast and the cast distance is long. The drag system uses a carbon fiber stack and this smoothens out the retrieve. It has been touted to be the “one-hand-reel”

Piscifun Rapid Baitcaster Reels

Piscifun Rapid Baitcaster Reels

This is one of the top lightweight reels in the fishing business. With a weight of only 7 ounces, one can see why kit is said to be the lightest. However, do not frown upon the light weight and think that it is a weak reel. It is strong and durable. The light, but strong nature of the reel ensures that you can make a good cast with the flick of your hand. One of the brightest features of this reel is the magnetic braking system, which exerts a lot of drag. There is absolutely no backlash whenever you cast your bait.

Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel

Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel

This is the king of the Okuma family of spinning reels. It has tremendous drag, and this is useful when you have to reel in a fish that is over 30 pounds in weight. This is one reel that every catfish angler has tried; or at least close to every catfish angler. Okuma has been known for the smooth operation of heir reels and this one does not disappoint. Fast casting is possible with this reel, thanks to the smooth action. The housing is made from a graphite-aluminum composite, making the reel to be light in weight. The graphite gears, however, will jam and break.

In conclusion

The Penn Battle II spinning reel is a great investment for people who love inland fishing; it has high-end performance, reliability, yet it does not cost much. Penn has not compromised on the quality of their new reel. It is an improvement on the original version, but they do resemble one another. If you maintain the Penn Battle II properly, you will have a long time of use, since it is quite durable. The alternatives are also high-performance spinning reels and you can buy any of them as a secondary reel.