Okuma Cedros Review

Okuma Cedros Review: Perfect for Saltwater

If you love fishing in saltwater, then you will love using the Okuma Cedros high-speed spinning reel. The reel is specifically designed for use in saltwater, even if it costs much less that the typical saltwater reels. It has great quality and balance for a reel of its price range. The typical reels for brackish waters are made of very high quality materials, in order to resist corrosion and this tends to drive up the price. For further information, check out this Okuma Cedros Review.

What to consider before buying fishing reels

Before you go into the specifics of the Okuma Cedros fishing reel, you have to consider several other factors. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Category - You must know the category of fishing reel that you want based on your expertise. If you are a novice wrangler, then the spinning reel is much suitable to you, since it is easy to cast and retrieve, as compared to other conventional reels. For the expert, a baitcaster would be more suitable since it has advanced controls.
  • Drag Systems – Basically, spinning reels have two types of drag systems. The front drag and rear drag models. This is because of the positioning of the drag system. Most people prefer front drag systems, which have larger, multi-disc drag washers that improve the performance of the reel. Rear drag systems are easy to use and convenient, and therefore best for novice anglers. Rear drag systems are not good for catching big fish.
  • Balance and Stability – The reel that you choose should feel solid and smooth when you turn the handle. This indicates superior quality in the handle and rotor assembly. If there is a wobble, then the reel is poorly balanced. A counter-balance handle should also be there, to make the operation of the reel easy. Infinite anti-reverse also plays a great role in the balance of the reel, since it removes the play, so you can easily hook fish.

Presenting the Okuma Cedros Fishing Reel

Okuma Cedros

The Okuma Cedros fishing reel is designed especially for deep water fishing and is made from materials that do not push up the price. It comes with excellent features that make it a formidable fishing equipment. It has dual drag force, which is superior to that used in other fishing reels. High Density gearing II ensures that the gears do not get corroded by the salt water. The anodized Machines Aluminum handle ensures a strong, light and comfortable grip. The two-tone anodized ported spool allows the reel to hold larger test lines.

Things We Liked

  • The Okuma Cedros is a durable and comfortable fishing reel
  • This is a reel specifically designed for deep water fishing
  • The performance is excellent when you compare to others within the same price range
  • The is a smooth brass gearing on the reel
  • For excellent line lay, the elliptical oscillation system is properly designed

Things We Didn't Like

  • Despite being designed for saltwater application, it cannot withstand long periods of exposure to this water
  • It needs to be cleaned every time it is used

Key Features of the Okuma Cedros fishing reel

The Okuma Cedros High Speed Spinning Reel does not disappoint when it comes to performance. The design and feel of the reel make it comfortable to use. Since it is designed for deep water fishing, it meets the standards of reel that are designed to catch big fish. You can spend hours in the sea, fishing for Tuna and other large fish without feeling exhausted. Here are some of the key features that make this an exemplary fishing tool.

Dual Force Drag

When it comes to drag force, you will find that most fishing reels do not meet the mark, when compared to the Dual Drag Force system of this reel. Okuma came up with a nouvelle idea to increase the drag force of their fishing reels. Okuma has patented this Dual Force Drag System. The drag system is designed to be mounted on the right side of the spool. This removes the spool pressure that exerts on the left side plate. This now translates into lower frame flex, increases rigidity and this maximizes the pressure. It also decreases issues related to tolerance alignment. The system comes with carbon fiber washers as standard. Cal Sheet’s Universal drag grease also plays an important role in improving the efficiency of the whole system. Most people will buy other reels and have them modified so they can meet the standards of the Dual Force Drag System.

High Density Gearing II

High Density Gearing II is technology that provides protection of the gears from corrosion. Remember that this is a fishing reel that is specifically designed for saltwater use, and without this protection, the gears would be subject to corrosion. The technology not only protects the gears from corrosion, but also from any other strain that may bear upon the gears. When you catch a huge Marlin fish, you can expect the pressure to be very high, and without this technology, the longevity and strength of the gears would be compromised.

Elliptical Oscillation System

This is one of the features that make that Okuma Cedros stand out from other fishing reels. The gears of the reel are designed in an elliptical shape, and this improves the line lay. It also enhances the smoothness of the functioning of the spool stroke, and this helps in eliminating the chances of the spool jumping.

Anodized Machined Aluminum Handle

Aluminum is a durable and lightweight material that is used in manufacturing most fishing reels. The Okuma Cedros has an anodized aluminum handle which increases the comfort of your grip. Without a good handle and poor gripping, you would not be able to reel in the fish, especially the large ones. Anodization also increases the resistance to corrosion. All parts are cold forged, which basically means that more material is squeezed into the same space; this increases the strength of the material and it is necessary since this is a reel designed for catching big strong fish that will put up a spirited fight.

Two-Tone Anodized Ported Spool

Spools come in varying sizes depending on the kind and length of line that they are supposed to hold. The two-tone anodized ported spool enables the reel to hold a larger line than other reels of the same size.

What other users say about the Okuma Cedros fishing reel

Searching through the internet, you are bound to come across glowing reviews from people who have used the Okuma Cedros Reel for their fishing exploits.

Here is Okuma Cedros Review by two users :

The user decided to use the Okuma Cedros reel on Father’s day, and he spooled the reel with 30lb Spyderwire Braid line and No2 Eagle Claw hooks. This would be a challenging combo for any other reel, but the Cedros surpassed all his expectations. He was impressed by the rate of retrieval, and how smooth the casting was. He was just a novice wrangler and had bought the Okuma due to its looks rather than its performance, so he was pleasantly surprised to find that it performed as well as it looked.

Another user actually dares people to find a spinning reel that looks as good as the Okuma. It looks so good that someone pinched it from the front porch of is condo and he had to buy another one. Anyhow, he has used the Okuma to land a 15 pound Bluefin Tuna, using a 25 pound test monofilament line. It works very well and has great drag.

Alternatives to the Okuma Cedros fishing reel

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder

Although from the same family, the Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder is a professional reel, unlike the Okuma Cedros which is favored by novice anglers. The baitfeeding system of this reel is absolutely amazing, since it gives the fisherman utmost control. The angler can control the amount of tension that the fish will feel as it takes in the bait. He is able to do this by adjusting the second rear drag, which changes the spool, and hence the tension. Using a lever found at the back, one can change from min drag to baitfeeding.

Shimano Sienna

The Shimano Sienna Fd Spinning Reel

This is a low-cost fishing reel that also gives the Okuma Cedros a lot of competition. The reel can use three different kinds of lines with ease. It is made from a composite of aluminum and graphite which gives the reel strength and flexibility. The Varispeed oscillation system gives the elliptical oscillation system of the Okuma a lot of challenge. They both are good in ensuring an even lay of the line. Unlike the Okuma Cedros, which is specifically designed for saltwater fishing, the Shimano Sienna can be used in both salt and fresh water settings. The Sienna has a large popularity among novice fishermen, just like the Okuma.

Kastking Sharky II

This is another huge competitor of the Okuma Cedros fishing reel. It also has its own patented drag system, just like the Okuma has. It is also a low-cost reel, just like the Okuma. It is said to have the best drag system in the world, just like the Okuma does. The aluminum spool is precision machined, while that of the Okuma is cold forged. Both these methods give the reels a very strong feel. Generally, the Kastking Sharky II competes with Okuma on a toe-to-toe basis. The manufacturers try to better every aspect of the Okuma, or at least match it. This is why it is said to be the biggest competitor to the Okuma Cedros.

In conclusion

This Okuma Cedros review should tell you that it's performance can only be summed up in a single word, faultless. Even after using the reel for a very long time, it will perform just like it did when it was new. You can use it to catch all manner of fish, such as tunas, groupers, snappers, kings, cobias and amberjacks. No matter how much you abuse or use it, it will never let you down. You do not have to worry about corrosion from the salt water, failures, loud bearings or sticky drag. If you would like to have an alternative, you can check out those listed above, since they are almost as good as the Okuma.