How To Tie A Uni Knot

How To Tie A Uni Knot

We bass anglers acquire a plethora of unexpected skills on our journeys. One such skill is learning and mastering a variety of knots. You may be asking yourself, why would angler’s need to master knot tying? What does knot tying have to do with fishing?

Knot tying is actually a vital skill to learn for any serious angler. Knowing a variety of knots allows you to set up different rigs for different fishing situations. I can practically hear some of you asking, do I really need to learn different knots? In short, if you want to improve as an angler, absolutely. However, some knots are more versatile than others, and you can get away with only knowing those few.

Out of all the useful fishing knots, the uni knot is by far the most important to learn. Mastering the uni knot will allow you to attach a bunch of different leaders to a bunch of different main lines. Also, it will allow you to effectively attach a line to basically any hook. It is a skill that all anglers should have in their bag of tricks. If you want to learn the most essential knot for any angler to know, then continue reading this guide on how to tie a uni knot.

Equipment You Need to Complete this Guide

Main Line

I would recommend using a standard braided line to practice tying a uni knot. While any line would work, I practiced on a heavy, bright colored line. It really helped me visually, as I could see every step of the process play itself out. I suggest using a 20 lb. yellow braided line.

Leader Line

While this guide focuses on tying a uni knot to a hook, it is a great method for tying a main line to a leader. I would suggest picking up some leaders to practice on after you have the basics of the uni knot down. Any fluorocarbon line will work, I personally use Sufix brand 100% fluorocarbon for my leaders.


For the purposes of practicing, get yourself a hook with a big eye. While it may not be practical for fishing, it will give you plenty of space to master your technique. The Gamakatsu Big Cat Circle Hook should give you plenty of room to work with.


When you first start tying the uni knot, you are going to make mistakes. I’ve been tying the knot for years, and I still mess up on occasion. To ease this process, and make it easier to remove the faulty knot, get yourself a good pair of multi-use fishing pliers. This pair from Bass Smasher allows you to cut lines, firmly grip hooks, and bend hooks to your liking.

Steps on How To Tie A Uni Knot

Step One: Attach Main Line

For the purposes of this guide, we will be focusing on tying a uni knot to a hook. However, once you master the knot, you can easily apply it to attaching a main line to a leader line.

First, lead your main line through the eye of the hook. Then, double the line back. From there, you should lay the tag end of you line over the doubled line in order to create a loop. For a video guide on this step, check out this video:

Step Two: Tie Uni Knot

One you have laid your tag end over the loop, the next step involves wrapping the tag end around the side of the loop with the doubled line. You should do this six to eight times, making sure to finish by leading the tag line through the loop. Watch this video guide of this step:

Step Three: Moisten Line

Next, you will moisten the line. Apply a generous amount of spit to the tag end of the line that has gone through the loop. This step is essential to creating a secure uni knot.

Step Four: Tighten Line

After moistening the line, you must pull the main line in order to tighten the uni knot. Be sure to tighten the knot by pulling the main line, not the tag end. For a video demonstration of this step, check the video on Step One, at 0:12.

Step Five: Adjust Knot

For the final step, you will be securing the knot to the hook’s eye. Continue pulling the main line until the knot slides down to the hook’s eye. Alternatively, you can pull the knot itself. Neglecting this step will result in a failed uni knot. For a video demonstration of this step, you can check the video below.


There you have it, a step-by-step guide to the most important and versatile knot in the angling game. Once you have mastered tying a uni knot to a hook, you can begin using the technique to attach main lines to leader lines. For a video demonstration on using a uni knot to attach a leader to a main line, you can play the video below.

You should practice tying a uni knot whenever possible. It really is the one knot that will advance your angling game to new levels. A good uni knot is effective to use in most relevant fishing rig setups, and no angler should be without the skill to tie one.

Did you enjoy this guide? Find a particular step especially useful? Have a unique method for tying a uni knot? If so, tell us about it in the comments below, and be sure to share this guide on Facebook and Twitter so your friends and fishing community can learn the most essential knot in all of fishing!