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14 Fishing TV Shows You Have To Watch

Like most anglers, I try to spend as much time out fishing as possible. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes and circumstances just don’t allow for a fishing session.

But fishing stays on my mind; I’m always trying to improve my technique and keep up with trends. Luckily, there are other avenues where I can get my daily fishing fix. Surprisingly, television offers more than a few quality fishing tv shows to consume.

If you share a passion for all-things-fishing, there a more than a few fishing shows you should be keeping up with. With the amount of programming out there, it can be hard to determine which ones are worth your viewing time.

Enjoy an entertaining host going on exotic outings? Prefer something more technical or informative? Having trouble finding the show that caters to your needs?

Check out this guide of 14 fishing shows you have to watch to find that perfect fishing show to indulge in when you can’t get out there yourself.

1. Bill Dance Outdoors

Bill Dance Outdoors

Aired On: NBC Sports, Outdoor Channel

Airing for over forty years, Bill Dance Outdoors in the longest running fishing show in America. The show focuses on the technical aspects of fishing, especially recreational smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing.

This show is perfect for someone looking to brush up on their techniques. Every episode features Dance on a different outing, and will often include the equipment and technique used in every show so you can put what you learn to use. If you are looking to learn techniques from a pro, Bill Dance Outdoors is the show for you.

2. Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch

Aired On: Discovery Channel

One of the most popular fishing shows on the planet, Deadliest Catch is a documentary-style fishing shows that follows the dangerous lives of commercial fisherman on the Bering Sea.

While the series focuses on commercial crab fishing, it offers fascinating insight on what life on a commercial fishing boat is really like. This show is a must watch for fishing enthusiasts, as it combines human drama and grit that results in compelling television. If you are looking for something oriented in entertainment, Deadliest Catch is the show for you.

3. Lunkerville


Aired On: NBC Sports Network, World Fishing Network, Comcast Sports Net, Amazon Prime Instant Video

Lunkerville follows a different format than most traditional fishing shows. Instead of relying on the host as the fishing expert, the show follows Michael De Avila as he travels with recreational fisherman to their own favorite fishing spots. Since the show offers an assortment of different recreational fishermen, it offers a real variety of fishing techniques to learn.

This show is perfect if you are looking to increase your fishing IQ and pick up on some nontraditional fishing techniques.

4. Ultimate Match Fishing

Ultimate Match Fishing

Aired On: Outdoor Channel

Ultimate Match Fishing is a completive fishing show that pits eight of the best professional bass anglers against each other in a single elimination tournament. Hosts Mark Randolph, Joe Thomas, and Fish Fishburne commentate the action as bass anglers compete for the UMF Championship.

Now in season ten, the show is perfect for fishing enthusiasts who are looking for a combination of informative and entertaining programming.

5. Modern Fishing with Jared Jeffries

Modern Fishing

Aired On: Outdoor Channel

Modern Fishing with Jared Jeffries offers a fun spin on the traditional fishing show. While it maintains an informative tone, the show’s lively host keeps things fresh by offering angling techniques in a lighthearted manner.

Jefferies travels to exotic destinations and attempts to land elusive species of fish. The show is perfect if you are looking for some laughs while you pick up new techniques.

6. River Monsters

River Monsters

Aired On: Animal Planet

River Monsters offers some extreme twists to traditional fishing programming. The documentary-style show follows biologist and angler Jeremy Wade as he searches around the globe for the most fearsome freshwater predators.

While you may not pick up a lot of applicable techniques watching River Monsters, it is my go-to guilty pleasure show that always makes for a good watch.

7. Hook N’ Look

HNL Channel

Aired On: Outdoor Channel

Hook N’ Look is a unique take on the fishing show genre, presented from an underwater perspective. This underwater perspective allows the show to focus on the effectiveness of different lures.

Hook N’ Look is hosted by professional bass angler Kim Stricker, who does a great job of informing the audience on the techniques he is using. If you are looking to step up your lure game, give Hook N’ Look a shot.

8. Facts of Fishing with Dave Mercer

Facts of Fishing

Aired on: Outdoor Channel, World of Fishing Channel

Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing is one of the most innovative shows in the fishing-show genre. Mercer brings his lively personality to add a little spice to the technical nature of fishing shows. Also, the show features a full day on the water, capturing an authentic representation of a day spent fishing.

The show highlights the amount of casts, fish caught, and time it took Dave to complete a fishing trip. Unlike anything else in the genre, this show is perfect if you are looking for an authentic representation of the ups and downs of a fishing outing.

9. Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show

Zonas Awesome Fishing Show

Aired On: Outdoor Channel

Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show takes an unscripted approach to the fishing show genre. Host Mark Zona takes some of the world’s greatest anglers out to catch whatever comes their way. 

The unscripted nature prevents anything from being hidden. You get to experience their successes along with their failures. If you are looking for insight on what a day of professional angling is like, Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show is the show for you.

10. BigWater Adventures

Big Water Adventures

Aired On: Outdoor Channel

BigWater Adventures is my go to show if I want to live out some fantasy fishing trips. Host Mark Davis goes on destination fishing trips around the globe.

The show features Davis landing some of the most exotic species of fish, all while capture the trips using innovative underwater and aerial shots. If you watch this show, be prepared to be tempted to plan a destination fishing trip!

11. Fishing University

fishing university

Aired On: Outdoor Channel

Fishing University is America’s original “How To” fishing show. Hosts Charlie Ingram and Ray Braizer bring their combined sixty-plus years of experience to your television in this informative program.

A staple of the fishing-show genre, Fishing University mixes informative techniques and boat-fishing tournaments. If you want to learn from some of the best, this show is for you.

12. Madfin Shark Series

Madfin Shark Series

Aired On: Outdoor Channel

Madfin Shark Series is the only televised catch-and-release shark fishing competition on television.

The concept is pretty straight forward—two teams, fishing two different locations, are pitted against each other to see who can land the most sharks. If you have any interest in shark fishing (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?)

Madfin Shark Series is a must watch.

13. Outdoors in the Heartland

Outdoors In The Heartland

Aired On: Outdoor Channel

Outdoors in the Heartland, hosted by Larry Woordward and Bob Richardson, is a bit of an outdoors variety show. Along with big bass fishing, the show features big-game hunting. The show is known for its informative nature, making it perfect if you want a show that will improve your technique.

14. Jack Link’s Major League Fishing

Jack Link's Major League Fishing

Aired On: Outdoor Channel

Jack Link’s Major League Fishing is the premier bass tournament show. The show, pitting twenty-four of the best professional anglers against each other, features no limit competition, real-time leaderboards, and surprise locations.

The mix makes for a thrilling viewing experience. If you want to watch the best anglers in the world fish for bass in high-pressure situations, Jack Link’s Major League Fishing is the show for you.

What's Your Favorite Fishing Show?

There you have it—14 of the most must-watching fishing shows on television. Fishing shows are unique in that they offer both entertainment and information that can improve your fishing technique. This guide highlighted a variety of shows with different offerings so you can broaden you viewing habits.

Hopefully, you have gained at least one new show to indulge in and learn from.

Enjoy our guide? Did your favorite fishing show miss the list? Tell us about it in the comments below and be sure to share the article on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can discover a new fishing show to add to their line-up!