Daiwa Beefstick Rod Review

Daiwa Beefstick Rod Review

Fishing has become a great pastime for many people and also a sport for others. Initially fishing was just a way if sustenance, but it is now growing in popularity as a sport. Technology has also responded by coming up with fishing rods that enable people to land fish that are even bigger than them. The fishing rod industry has grown in leaps and bounds as more people have turned to fishing for fun and sport. Here we look at one of the fishing rods that are best suited for surf fishing - the Daiwa Beefstick Rod.

What to consider before buying fishing rods

When you are looking to buy a fishing rod, you do not just walk into a store and order for one. There are certain factors that you have to consider. The characteristics of the rod, the type of fishing that you want to do, the parts, and a lot more has to be looked at. Here are the most important things that you should consider.

  • The handle or grip – this is important since it is the one that you will use to cast, and reel in the line; when you catch a fish, you need a handle with a good grip or you could lose the rod. The handles are usually crafted from cork or foam, and you need to decide which feels more natural and tight to you.
  • You also need to know the length of the rod that you desire. Partly this will be determined by the type of fishing environment you want to be in. shorter rods are great for bushy areas and longer ones are suited to open waters. Secondly, shorter rods are ideal for landing strong fish, which would probably break the longer ones. When it comes to casting, the longer ones are best for deep casts while the shorter ones will not cast the bait far.
  • You need to think about the strength and power of the rod. They have to be properly balanced for it to work well. The strong rods are best for heavy lures and heavier fish, while the longer ones are for light lures and smaller fish. The sensitivity levels also differ among the two, with the light ones being more sensitive that the heavier shorter ones.

Presenting the Daiwa Beefstick Rod

Daiwa Beefstick Rod

The Daiwa Beefstick Rod is a superb rd, made from fiberglass. It is a very string and durable rod, and it cannot be broken or crushed. This is a rod that is ideal for trolling or surf fishing, and it can take a lot of punishment. Here are some of the pros and cons of this rod.

Things We Liked

  • Made of fiber glass and therefore very strong and durable
  • It is ideal for novices
  • It comes in different lengths so one will definitely get their desired length
  • The rod is sold in sections

Features of the Daiwa Beefstick Rod

This is a rod that is popular due to its power, strength and durability. It comes in two sections, and has a sleek black finish. This is highly attractive fishing rod. It has a cork handle, and has ceramic guides. The reel seat is made of stainless steel and has a non-slip EVA rubber butt cap. The rod is best suited for surf fishing but it can also be used for inshore fishing. It is easy to use and appeals to novice angers for this reason. The manufacturer has been known to make quality fishing gear and this is one that should be mentioned. The rod is functional, attractive, and stylish. It comes in three different size, ranging from 7 to 9 feet, with respective weights ranging from 10 to 30 pounds.

What other users say about the Daiwa Beefstick Rod

It is amazing when you read about the reviews that people give this rod. Here is Daiwa beefstick rod review

One user said that the rod was a surprise to him. He thought that it was too expensive for a surf fishing rod, until he gave it a try. The two pieces of the rod interlock very easily to give a truly straight rod, the materials look like solid glass blanks thanks to the highly glossy nature of the finish. It is a rod that he is proud to have.

Another user reiterates that the two pieces are well suited for each other and they provide strength that you do not find in multi-piece rods. At one point, his bait got stuck under a rock, and he thought that pulling hard on the rod would break it, but to his surprise, the rod held and the hook was freed.

Another user says that he is impressed with the rod because it can cast a mile. When fishing from the shore, he can get to deeper parts without having to wade into the water. He is impressed by the study nature of the rod. And he loves the way that his companions crack jokes about his Beefstick.

Alternatives to the Daiwa Beefstick Rod

Hurricane Bluefin Spinning Surf Rod

Hurricane Bluefin Spinning Surf Rod

This is a surf rod that is made using a double dipped e-glass rod blank. It has aluminum oxide guides and the hoods are steel cushioned. It has a cork handle and it is treated to make it non-slip. This is a powerhouse designed for fishing in the surf and catching big fish. It is also good foe inshore fishing and comes as a single piece rod. It also casts the bait for a long distance ensuring that you remain on the dry land as you battle with big fish in the water. This is another rod that is best suited for novice anglers; it should seem that all these are good for those earning how to fish.

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

This is a company that has been manufacturing rods from over 75 years ago, and their experience and quality has steadily grown over the years. The rod comes in two pieces, all designed from composite graphite. The composite includes aluminum oxide and steel. The handle is made of rubber so you can have a good grip even when it is wet. The rod is then covered with carbon fiber to protect it from the effects of the salt water. It is available in different sizes and they all rage from 8 to 12 feet. They also have different weight ratings raging from medium to heavy.

Shakespeare Two-Piece Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Rod

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

This is the ideal surf rod and lives up to this definition. This is a rod that comes in two pieces which fit together to form a 15 foot rod. This length, however, makes it only suitable for people who have a tough build, and is probably not fit for novices. The length allows you to cast the bait way beyond the surf and get to where the fishes are. This is an affordable rod, and is loved by newbies and professionals alike. The VA grips and corrosion resistant stainless steel hoods give it a good grip. It has Fuji reel seats and it is light in weight. The manufacturer says that it is a light weight rod, but when you are dealing with 15 feet of frame, then you know that it is not that light.

In conclusion

The Daiwa Beefstick Rod is a beautiful and powerful rod. It has a tubular fiberglass design and this makes it light and strong. This is a rod that you will enjoy taking to the beach, or at river banks and fishing way deep in the water. For novice anglers, the rod may be a great way to get into surf fishing. This is a rod that you will never complain about. However, you can also consider some of the alternatives listed above. These can be great secondary rods, which you can use at lakes, where the surf is not too strong. The strength and reach of these rods make them ideal for fishing in the ocean too.