17 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in The Country

17 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in The Country

One of the best things about bass fishing is that it is a hobby that can be performed pretty much anywhere. Be it a friend’s pond or a sprawling lake, most anglers have their lists of preferred local spots. Chances are, you have your own little favorite fishing spot that you like to hit.

However, if you are anything like me, you also have a list of dream fishing spots. Think about it. Do you daydream about trekking through Texas, hitting all the best fishing spots? Ever dream of making the trip to Minnesota to fish Mille Lacs? Or maybe smallmouth fishing in the Northeast is more your speed.

Whatever the spot is, that dream fishing spot is out there waiting for you, and you should seriously consider planning a trip. To find out where the best bass fishing lakes in the country, check out this list of the 17 best bass fishing lakes in the country.

Chickamauga Lake, Tennessee

Chickamauga Lake, an impoundment on the Tennessee River, is quickly becoming one of the premier bass fishing destinations in the country. The lake, which is 36,240 acres, has a reputation for churning out huge bass. It has been host to pro tournaments such as the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Southern Open. To watch a video of professional angler Michael Iaconelli fishing the lake, you may refer to the video below. If you live in the area, or are planning a dream fishing vacation, you should consider putting Chickamauga Lake near the top of your list.

Clear Lake, California

Clear Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in California. At over 65 square miles, this lake is considered to be the most rewarding bass fishing lake on the west coast. The lake is a bass fisher’s dream, with the five-fish limits of 25 to 30 lbs. being meant regularly. California is a great vacation destination, and it offers even better vacation opportunities for passionate bass anglers. To watch professional angler Aaron Lesieur fish Clear Lake, check out the video below. If you ever have the opportunity, do yourself a favor and spend a few days fishing Clear Lake.

Falcon Lake, Texas

Right on the border, this massive (83,654 acres) lake has the potential to produce some of the biggest bass and best fishing days in the world. Though its water levels are known to fluctuate, you will not find a much better fishing spots when the water levels are up. To watch professional angler Bill Wilcox fish Falcon Lake, play the video below. Falcon Lake should definitely be on your bass fishing bucket-list.

Guntersville Lake, Alabama

Another bass-producing legend on the Tennessee River, Guntersville Lake has been a dependable bass fishing spot for years. If you want to make a vacation out of it, the Guntersville Lake offers lake lodging and fishing guides.

Lake Berryessa, California

A jewel of the west coast fishing scene, Lake Berryessa is a must for anglers spending time in California. At over 20,000 acres, this spot saw a rise in bass production after the end of California’s drought. Trust me, you can pull some giants out of Lake Berryessa. To watch some locals fishing the spot, check the following video out. If you are planning a trip out to California, make sure to hit this spot soon. Never know when the next drought will come.

Lake Champlain, New York/ Vermont

This is perhaps the best bass fishing spot in the country. At over 280,000 acres, this is one of the few spots in the Northwest where you can consistently land black bass. Please, at some point in your angling lifetime, get out to Lake Champlain. Watch this video of professional angler Jacob Wheeler fishing Lake Champlain:

Lake Erie, New York

Lake Eire is the top smallmouth bass fishing spot in the Northeast region, a region known for smallmouth bass. Locals claim to be landing seven-pound smallmouth on the regular. Play the video below to watch the host of Facts of Fishing Dave Mercer fish Lake Erie. If you are in the Northeast region, take a trip to Lake Erie and try to land one of those seven-pound smallmouths the locals are talking about.

Lake Fork, Texas

Another staple of the Texas bass fishing scene, Lake Fork has held a strong reputation for years. Coming in at over 24,000 acres, the lake hold the current state record for largemouth bass, as an 18.18 lb. giant was pulled from the lake. To watch bass fishing on Lake Fork, check out this video:

Lake Jordan, Alabama

At over 6,800 acres, this impoundment is notorious for its spotted bass population. While spotted bass may not be every angler’s dream fish, this is the place to go if you do want the experience, as it puts out six lb. spotted bass regularly. Here's a video of spotted bass fishing on Lake Jordan:

Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Lake Okeechobee marks the first appearance of a Florida fishing spot on the list. Covering over 730 square miles, this is the biggest freshwater lake in the state. The shallowness of Lake Okeechobee makes it an ideal spot for largemouth bass. Watch the video below of Lake Okeechobee guide Cody Malone land a 12 lb. largemouth:

Lake St. Clair, Michigan

Known by most bass fishing anglers, Michigan’s Lake St. Clair is one of the finest fishing spots in the country. The lake has 20 lb. limits that should be meant by any experienced angler out there. Watch the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on Lake St. Clair below. If you are ever in the Michigan area, grab some gear and give Lake St. Clair a try.

Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota

Currently acclaimed as the premier bass fishing spot in America, Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota is a bass angler’s dream. At over 132,000 acres, half of the bass in Mille Lacs Lake measure over 17 inches long. Over half! To watch professional angler Joshua Wells fish for smallmouth on Mille Lacs Lake, play this video:

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California

This classic California fishing spot is known for its beautiful bass and even better scenery. The delta is like a labyrinth of rivers and islands. At over 1,150 square miles, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is known to produce eight and nine lb. bass regularly. Watch a video of locals fishing the delta both pre and post spawning below:

Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas

At over 114,000 acres, the Sam Rayburn Reservoir has emerged as one of Texas’s top fishing spots in recent years. The reservoir has been producing impressive numbers on the pro circuits, with 30 pound bags being recorded for five-fish limits. Here is a video of professional angler Kyle Cortiana practicing for the FLW Costa on Sam Rayburn:

Shearon Harris Lake, North Carolina

This relatively small lake has been producing record-breaking fishing outings lately. While the Shearon Harris Lake is only a little over 4,000 acres, it has been consistently producing 40 lb. limits. Yes, over 40 lbs. on a five-fish limit. Watch how a local nab a great bass in Shearon Harris Lake:

Toledo Bend, Texas

At over 185,000 acres, the Toledo Bend may be the most famous fishing spot in the country. It has been a favorite of bass anglers for years, as it consistently produces sizeable bass. Most every notable angler in the country has hit the Toledo Bend. You should add your name to that list at some point in your lifetime. You can watch this video of professional angler Mike Iaconelli fish the Toledo Bend:

Thousand Islands (St. Lawrence River), New York

With over 50 miles of idyllic islands and bays, the Thousand Islands of St. Lawrence River in New York is a must for angler’s everywhere. It is hard to beat the combination of beautiful scenery and record-breaking smallmouth the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River offers. This would be a great one to enjoy with some friends. Here's a video of professional angler Scott Dobson fish the Thousand Islands, courtesy of the FLWFishing YouTube channel:


There you have it, the 17 best bass fishing lakes in the country. This list had variety, featuring spots from California and Texas, to Minnesota and New York. It goes to show that there is great bass fishing opportunities all across the country. If you have the opportunity, you should absolutely try to hit at least one of the lakes from the list.

Did you enjoy this guide to the 17 best bass fishing lakes in the country? Really excited about one of the lakes on the list, or have a personal story of a fishing trip you took? Tell us about it in the comments below, and be sure to share this article on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can learn of the best bass fishing lakes in the country.